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Your New Norman Rockwell

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“Welcome to your new America, friends. And I am your new Norman Rockwell….” For the last 16 years Micah Schnabel has toured the world as one of the main songwriters for the Columbus, Ohio based band Two Cow Garage. Sharing stages with the likes of Frank Turner, Lucero, and The Hold Steady. Instead of wearing his heart on his sleeve, Schnabel wears his heart on his throat. The bright red tattoo is unmistakable for what his music and words represent. Schnabel is an unstoppable creative machine. He’s a beat poet who uses a guitar instead of a typewriter. He’s constantly writing and refining his art. When not touring the world with Two Cow Garage, Schnabel has been quietly releasing and touring with his solo material over the last 8 years. May 27th will bring Schnabel’s newest solo offering Your New Norman Rockwell out on Last Chance Records, home of John Moreland, Austin Lucas and American Aquarium. YNNR brings a new voice and energy to Schnabel’s solo work. His lyrical deftness is pushed into the forefront, painting pictures of America behind the scenes and after the dream has ended. The disillusionment and disintegration of rural America, and searching for hope in our new millennial age. The lyrical focus and emotional range of Schnabel’s solo work has allowed him to tour with artists ranging all the way from John Moreland to Beach Slang. “..Painting pictures of all of us. Hoping to bring us together through our similarities rather than divide us through our differences. I’m a product of your rural slums and yeah, it’s taken me much too long to realize this world was laughing at me and not with me, but I’m trying to be better. And I would love to have you on my side.”


Your New Norman Rockwell
Jazz & Cinnamon Toast Crunch
The Interview
Cash 4 Gold
Oh, What a Bummer
Are There Any Questions?
Hello, My Name is Henry
American Throwaway
Cincinnati, Ohio
These Divided States
White Envelope

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Micah Schnabel

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Your New Norman Rockwell

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