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Stone Fish

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RIYL - Fat Worm of Error, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Seersucker, Son of Salami.

Big French have returned, following up their maverick 2013 debut LP Downtown Runnin with Stone Fish, a 16-track sophomore full-length that sees bandleader Quentin Moore’s energetic bursts of post-punk composition transformed by boutique, reel-to-reel production to fantastic ends, filtering established pop sensibilities through eclectic idioms of free-expression. On Stone Fish— the band’s third release for Warf Cat Records— Moore shares co-production credits alongside longtime collaborator Zach Phillips (Blanche Blanche Blanche) and orchestrates electric performances from band members Colin White, Adam Steck, Jo Miller-Gamble, as well as a cameo appearence from Austin Julian (The Sediment Club, Sunk Heaven).

Assembled rimarily from tracks recorded to tape at Phillip’s Manual FX Studio in Brooklyn circa 2015 / 2016, the sonic framework of Stone Fish swerves through the gamut of emotions while being united by kinetic arrangements of layered madness revolving around Moore’s instinctive, delicate vocal melodies and his asymmetrical guitar leads. Virtuosic grooving and free-improv rooted leads power the songs forward. Rocking hits like “I Wanna New Rome”, “Words Appear”, and “Rush Morgue” speed by, (nearly every cut is less than 3 minutes long) striking the listener with concise declarations, intended to both be familiar and at the same time to shock and to never resolve vis-a-vis the expected trope. Tracks the likes of “The Troll”, “Fly Like A Bird”, or “My Angel” gracefully deliver subdued melodic content over stream of consciousness harmonic turns. Throughout the record musical ideas jump in and out of focus redirecting the ever-changing cacophony of plucked guitars and jarring rhythms: Zach Phillips Wurlitzer might creep in with an enharmonic lick, reel-to-reel manipulation may distort the drums, sending a noisy crash through the channels. With multiple listens, Stone Fish revels itself as more detailed and exciting each time, existing as smart reorientation of the boundaries of pop music’s comfort zone.

BIG FFENCH PRESS Tiny Mix Tapes Premiere of "Hey Grandma" Video Scrappy and free. Just the kind of Summer starter that gets ice cream machines swirling and sweat beads melting. Impose Premiere of "I Wanna New Rome" ...a testament to coloring outside of the lines, and the benefit of self-discovery through unfamiliar experience. Ad Hoc Premiere of "Apartments for the West" ...Big French's 'Stone Fish' is intimate, still manic but more quietly so.

BIG FRENCH PAST PRESS Tiny Mix Tapes Review of Downtown Runnin This record is a unicorn. Impose Review of "Payback" energetic battle of the bands within the band... Tiny Mix Tapes Video Premiere Reflections of reality in song and string, old and new, cream drops and heads nod. Ad Hoc Premieres "Payback" ...a feeling equivalent to rocking out too hard to Royal Trux while watching workplace-instructional films. The Aquarian Reviews Downtown Runnin ...not for the faint of heart.


1. Hey Grandma 3:02
2. Fly Like A Bird 2:11
3. Stone Fish 2:20
4. Apartments For The West 2:00
5. Pamela 1:31
6. Words Appear 1:15
7. The Troll 2:04
8. The New Cochlear Sun 2:46
9. The Chosen One 2:07
10. Grandpa’s House 1:43
11. I Wanna New Rome 1:47
12. Rush Morgue 1:58
13. Big French 2:09
14. Second Kid With You 1:58
15. Better At Me 2:16
16. My Angel 2:18

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Chris Weisman, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Palberta, Royal Trux, Steely Dan

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