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Accomplished Native American flutist Tony Duncan explores a deeply felt connection between the breath of the flute and all living beings upon Mother Earth. Masterfully creating serene layers of cedar and cane flutes, Duncan invites all to restore balance through the peaceful gifts of the flute.

  • Of the Apache and Arikara, Hidatsa and Mandan nations, Tony Duncan draws upon his Native American heritage to create healing resonance with the soft and soothing melodies of the Apache cane flute and the cedar flute.

  • In the words of Tony, "The Native American flute has been a source of beautiful energy and peacefulness in my life....I have always felt there was a special connection between the breath of the flute and all living beings upon mother earth. It's the energy from that connection that purifies the mind and spirit."

    • Crafted with flute melodies in spacious, gentle layers, Purify is perfectly suited to be an audio accompaniment for massage, yoga and meditation.


Tony Duncan is of the Apache and Arikara, Hidatsa and Mandan nations. He incorporates both the Southwestern and Northern Plains styles of song and dance in his presentations. As leader of Estun-Bah (Apache for “the woman”), Duncan captures the true essence of Native America with the soft and soothing melodies of the Apache cane flute as acoustic guitar adds a serene accompaniment against the gentle pulse of indigenous drums. Estun-Bah blends traditional and contemporary sounds to form an elegantly Native American sound. Duncan received the Native American Music Award for Artist of the Year in 2013. He has toured nationally and internationally with pop star Nelly Furtado and was a featured dancer in the music video for her hit song, “Big Hoops.” Duncan is also an accomplished Pow-Wow dancer and hoop dancer. Duncan regularly performs hoop dances as part of his performances with Estun-Bah. He also performs with his family’s performance group, the Yellow Bird Indian Dancers. In the hoop dance Duncan creates many intricate designs inspired by nature such as the eagle and the earth. He is a five-time World Champion Hoop Dancer and is consistently ranked among the top ten in the world. He has traveled extensively across the United States as well as much of Europe and Asia. He has entertained First Lady Laura Bush and her guests at the White House, performed for audiences at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, The Smithsonian Museum, The Billboard Music Awards and on The Tonight Show.


1. Purify (4:15)
2. Meditation (4:56)
3. Restoring Balance (4:35)
4. Emergence (4:32)
5. Healing Prayer (4:40)
6. Reflection (4:25)
7. Restore (4:26)
8. Buffalo Sage (4:51)
9. Medicine Dream (4:44)
10. Creation (4:54)
11. Our Hidden Journey (4:17)
12. Luminaria (4:05)
Total Time : 54:54

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Tony Duncan

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