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Features Yes guitarist Steve Howe, a major player in a band known for songs such as "Roundabout" and "Owner of a Lonely Heart." Yes has sold millions of records since their formation in the late '60s.

Steve Howe is a recent inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, who honored Yes with an induction in early 2017.

'Nexus' will be pushed to the dedicated legions of Yes fans through the many band and fan pages on social media.

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‘Nexus’ is the first collaboration between legendary Yes guitarist and recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Steve Howe and his son Virgil, also a highly talented and multifaceted musician. From first hitting the keys of his father’s Moog synthesizer at the age of four to playing in front of 200,000 people behind the drum kit for FSOL’s Amorphous Androgynous, Virgil has a prolific output that has covered a wide range of genres from electronica to psychedelic sounds, from rock to synth and beyond. With his band Little Barrie he also was part of the score for the AMC TV series ‘Better Call Saul.’

Work on ‘Nexus’ kicked off as piano instrumentals created by Virgil and, seeing their potential, Steve expanded these with his brilliant guitar play. Using a wide array of equipment including Mini Moog, Yamaha PSS-380, and Yamaha CS-01 keyboards as well as various guitars like Variax Sitar guitar, Steinberger 12-string, a Gibson Banjo guitar, Fender Strat & Steel guitar, a Kohno Model 10, the duo produced an entirely instrumental, cinematic, spacey and atmospheric album now released as the debut of Virgil & Steve Howe. The results are beautiful, diverse compositions varying between neoclassical elements, dreamy jazz, straight forward grooves, and trippy, otherworldy themes.

‘Nexus’ is an instrumental album that impresses with its feeling and moods while ignoring technical, “bet you can’t play that” show-offs that too often make instrumental albums a rather self-complacent, egotistic affair. No matter if enjoyed via headphones, on a home stereo system or during night drives, ‘Nexus’ is the astonishing achievement of two musicians with special father/son chemistry.


1. Nexus (04:57)
2. Hidden Planet (03:27)
3. Leaving Aurora (03:40)
4. Nick’s Star (03:41)
5. Night Hawk (03:35)
6. Moon Rising (03:31)
7. Passing Titan (04:06)
8. Dawn Mission (05:07)
9. Astral Plane (03:37)
10. Infinite Space (02:08)
11. Freefall (02:09)

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