Steve Vai

Modern Primitive

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Favored Nations is excited to release Modern Primitive worldwide July 7th, 2017!

This version of Modern Primitive package has been modified specifically as a collectors item for the Steve Vai Secret Jewel Box (

This 13 track album is the 7th installment in the Secret Jewel Box and will be highly sought after from Steve Vai fans all over the world. There are only several thousand copies of this record are being made which makes this an instant collectors item!

ABOUT THE STEVE VAI JEWEL BOX: World-renowned guitarist Steve Vai has begun the process of documenting his storied career with the ultimate collectible, a 10-CD compilation titled The Secret Jewel Box. The deluxe 10"x6"x6" gloss black box, lined with red velvet, will feature compartments for a total of 10 CDs, 3 guitar picks, and a 100-page booklet. The first three CDs of the series will be sold with the box, while the remaining seven discs will be released and sold seperately over the next few years. The Secret Jewel Box contains recordings comprised of unreleased material and music from dozens of different records (many out of print) that might take years to collect individually (if you could even find them)! All of the rare and essential Vai recordings that do not appear on his solo records are collected here, with many surprises for even the most hardcore collector. When complete, the Box Set will contain more than 140 tracks. The Box Set will be available almost exclusively through Steve's official website,


1. Bop!
2. Dark Matter
3. Mighty Messengers
4. The Lost Chord
5. Upanishads
6. Fast Note People
7. And We Are One
8. Never Forever
9. Lights Are On
10. No Pockets
11. Pink and Blows Over, Pt. 1
12. Pink and Blows Over, Pt. 2
13. Pink and Blows Over, Pt. 3


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Carle Place, New York - USA

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Steve Vai

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Modern Primitive

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