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• Bubblemath are a rock quintet who smash together original, modern and classic rock styles and complex vocal stylings into a sound that could only be Bubblemath! They are a band for whom it really is true that there really is always something new around every corner!

• Cuneiform will be servicing 1,500 radio stations, print media and blogs worldwide with this release, physically and digitally

• "Musically, we are most strongly influenced by stuff we hate. Meaning that while we don't all agree on what we like, we do tend to agree on what we don't like. This shared passion for avoidance guides us away from particular aspects of composition that we've traditionally been disappointed in. Things like lyrical clichés, overused chord progressions, harmonic typicalities, etc. So we all tend to veto the same kinds of things, and that binds us together. Our songwriting sessions are filled with vetoes. Whatever's left over gets to be the music of Bubblemath."


Bubblemath is a Minneapolis quintet with a simple mission statement: “To be a Minneapolis quintet with a simple mission statement.” So far, so good.

Philosophically, our mission statement is: “Never give the listener a chance to get bored.” We try to accomplish this by pushing the boundaries of the unexpected in every aspect of what we do. Provocative compositions, visually stimulating stage presentations, politically explicit lyrics, and then we hose it all down with ice cold love. Refreshing!

Bubblemath compositions allow the listener to bask in a gentle onslaught of constantly changing meters; dynamic song structures and textures; lush vocal harmonies; unexpected melodies, chord changes, and harmonic voicings; quality lyrics; and quirky humor.

If you are a fan of complicated, cerebral, high information-density, music-for-musicians compositions and performances, you are a fan of Bubblemath; you don’t know it yet.


1. Routine Mantenance 12:41
2. Avoid That Eye Candy 3:54
3. Perpetual Notion 6:57
4. A Void That I Can Depart To 10:08
5. Get a Lawn 6:21
6. Making Light of Traffic 8:58
7. Destiny Repeats Itself 7:24
8. The Sensual Con 7:36

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Minneapolis, MN - USA

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