Body Count


Marketing Highlights

  • 25 years after Body Count released Cop Killer, Ice T has something to say with the socially charged "No Lives Matter" track & video. It's a powerful powerful message and Ice T and crew are out to ensure everybody listen up.
  • Body Count have sold 900,000 albums in the USA.
  • Big digital ad spend, targeting Ice-T's 1,270,000 social media followers.
  • Body Count will have a music video for every track.
  • Metal & Specialty Radio "No Lives Matter"
  • Major Rock Festival appearances globally.
  • 4 months ago the Geico Ads started “Lemonade vs Ice Tea”
  • TV appearances for Ice-T & Body Count, Last cycle They did Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon
  • Lifestyle Press, Bon Appetit, homepage feature, Outburn, (4 Page), multi page features in Revolver, Decibel, etc.


The highly controversial and iconic, BODY COUNT (featuring Ice-T on vocals), has officially inked a world-wide deal with Century Media Records and deliver their highly anticipated new, full-length offering with Will Putney (Miss May I, Upon A Burning Body). Putney also tracked the group’s last effort, Manslaughter, which caught the entire genre’s immediate attention with its sheer abrasiveness and unabashed brutality.

This is the group that dropped hip-hop attitude into heavy metal and hard rock music before Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Hollywood Undead made records, despite nary an ounce of rapping over their mosh-pit inducing songs. Body Count is a full on metal band, fronted by a legendary rapper who drops knowledge, violent stories and verbal middle fingers, with a bellowing growl descended from some of punk rock’s most pissed off screamers.

Ice-T and cofounder/lead guitarist Ernie C have perfected their mix of thrash, punk and bottom heavy doom across five albums, hitting a zenith with the unstoppable Manslaughter, backed by bassist/songwriter Vincent Price (with Body Count now for nearly 15 years), drummer Ill Will (joined in 2009) and new guitarist Juan Garcia of EVILDEAD. They embody the monumental Southern California tradition of street born punk bands like Suicidal Tendencies combined with the aggressive aural napalm of Slayer. From the punk bite of their gold debut through the metallic triumph of Born Dead (1994), Violent Demise: The Last Days (1997) and Murder 4 Hire (2006), to the all encompassing Body Count vibe of Manslaughter, which merges the strengths of the band’s entire catalog.

Driven by the same iconoclastic, anti-authoritarian and pimp-turned-poet mentality that made Ice-T a gangster rap pioneer, a platinum artist from the streets and a household name in film and television before “rapper/actor” was a commonly used term, Body Count flipped the script with the same tenacity when they bumrushed heavy metal. The first rumblings of Body Count were heard in the eponymous song unleashed on Ice-T’s gigantic O.G.: Original Gangster album in 1991, which hit stores just two months after Ice’s first major movie role in the modern crime classic, “New Jack City.” The fierce thrash of the “Body Count” anthem put people on notice that the Megadeth cap Ice-T wore on MTV wasn’t for show: aggressive heavy metal and hardcore is in his blood.


01. Civil War
02. Ski Mask way
03. This Is Why We Ride
04. All Love Is Lost
05. Raining Blood
06. God Please Believe Me
07. Walk With Me
08. Hear I Go Again
09. No Lives Matter
10. Bloodlust
11. Black Hoodie

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Rage Against The Machine
Hollywood Undead
Linkin Park

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