Big Rocks

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KROKUS is back with 12 cover songs and one new original song! BIG ROCKS' sound is full-on vintage power rock with a touch of blues and without any of the usual studio trickery.

Featuring songs originally by Led Zeppelin, Queen, Bob Dylan, Steppenwolf and many more. 1000% pure, buttkickin‘ Hard Rock!

-Swiss rock legends have sold over 15 MILLION albums worldwide

-Gold & Platinum level artist in the US

-Will be touring in the US in 2017


Krokus grew up in the golden age of rock’n’roll. They were surrounded by unique, legendary songs that are as good today as they were then and cannot be topped. This had a strong influence on Krokus’ output. The band is sure of one thing: ‘Just like us, many younger rock fans will discover what these giants of the Sixties and Seventies had to offer. This album will take them on a musical journey of discovery.’Krokus jammed around 50 songs to find out which ones really fit the bill and were best suited to getting the full Krokus treatment.

Twelve songs by other artists and one of their own passed the test and made it onto the album. The great thing about BIG ROCKS is that the sound is full-on vintage power rock with a touch of blues and without any of the usual studio trickery. On hearing it, you believe the guys when they say that they have never worked and played together as well as they do today. You believe it because you can hear it. After all, they do have 40 year’s experience under their belts.

Since 1975, Krokus has stood for high-quality, honest-to-goodness, hand-made power rock. No other Swiss rock band sells albums and its back catalogue worldwide like Krokus. The band has already sold over 15 million records, toured the world, and received gold and platinum discs in the USA and Canada. The milestones in their rock career are dotted around the world: from Australia and the USA to Mexico, Russia, Japan, and China. Krokus was the first Swiss band to sell out the legendary Hallenstadion in Zurich and has received a Diamond Disc for selling one million albums in Switzerland alone.

In the course of their legendary career, Krokus has rocked over 2,000 shows on five continents, countless cities, unique locations, crazy gigs, and loyal fans. They will be back on the road again in 2017, criss-crossing Europe and the USA.

The legendary English journalist Malcolm Dome quite rightly said: ‘If you look at the long-term output of this band, Krokus is clearly one of the best hard rock bands of the last 40 years.’ For anyone wanting to test this theory, BIG ROCKS is the best proof there is.


1. N.I.B. (originally by Black Sabbath) (1:16)
2. Tie Your Mother Down (originally by Queen) (3:43)
3. My Generation (originally by The Who) (2:57)
4. Wild Thing (originally by The Troggs) (3:49)
5. The House Of The Rising Sun (originally by The Animals) (4:22)
6. Rockin’ In The Free World (originally by Neil Young) (3:49)
7. Gimme Some Lovin’ (originally by Spencer Davis Group) (3:33)
8. Whole Lotta Love (originally by Led Zeppelin) (4:27)
9. Summertime Blues (originally by Eddie Cochran) (3:32)
10. Born To Be Wild (originally by Steppenwolf) (3:53)
11. Quinn The Eskimo (originally by Bob Dylan) (3:35)
12. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (originally by The Rolling Stones) (4:18)
13. Backseat Rock N’ Roll (KROKUS original recording) (7:23

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